Sunday, June 23, 2013

Okay, tomorrow is the day!

So, you are right....I did not blog yesterday!  Last Sunday when I did not blog on Saturday, my grandson Joshua, let me know that I had missed a day!  Of course, my eyes widened and I started snorting!  lol!

These last 2 weeks have been so long, so hot and so emotionally and physically  draining!  So I have decided that I am too old to be experiencing all of these, what can I do about it?  Now I am asking you as I certainly do not have the answers and I guess Vicki does not have the answers either as she just looks at me with her mouth open and her head bobbing up and down!  lol!

Today we went to coffee by ourselves and just sat there staring out the windows.  Not a pretty picture!  lol!  Today was another day of getting Rosine's stuff out of her room in preparation for the move tomorrow to her permanent room.  We worked there yesterday and again today.  On one of our run between the rooms, the DON, stopped us to tell us that Rosine is being a PIA!  LOL! like we did not already know this!  lol!  According to the DON, Rosine is ringing her buzzer all the time.  She is totally helpless and cannot lift her arms...not!  She is pushing for that 24 hour caregiver that she wants.  She isa able to pull herself up and is able to stand but refuses to do it as the doctor in the hospital, physical therapy!  She is going to the kidney doctor tomorrow and she is sure she is having kidney failure and is going to need to be put on kidney dialysis.  She does not know that everyone over the age of 50 is in kidney failure and at the age of 94 her function should be around 45% on a good day!  If she does not have kidney problems then she is sure that her cancer is back....she has been cancer free for 10 years.  It is really a shame that she is not enjoying each day that she has left!  She is in no pain and she is so lucky to have had such a great life.  We really have to figure how to get her to stop being so hard on us....we are just to old to handle it!
Yesterday we went for comfort food for dinner and we went to Golden Corral
                    Now this is not a pretty picture...tired, sad and hungry!  Poor Vicki!

Today was not any better....we finished up at the home about 2:00 and then we went to KFC.  Good comfort food!

Well, I have to go for now.  As of tomorrow we will be on strike!

Be careful out there!

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