Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 8, I don't like mice!

Today we met Irwin at Starbucks and visited with him and a few of his friends .  He has decided to change his tech service from Cox to Direct TV.  We are going to check it also.  We will meet him at Outback for dinner at 5:30!

We had a very nice dinner at Outback.  Irwin's steak was a ittle tough....mine was done but not tough and Vicki did not have any steak.  I love their chopped salad!

                         After dinner we went to Rita's for a custard dessert.  It was delicious!

Off to the mall we go to take back a few things and then over to see Rosine.  We got a call from her saying that they have decided that she has shingles!  This is not good....but at least she is not having any pain or itching!

We got over to see Rosine and she is discouraged and I think a little fearful as to what is going to happen next!  We will drop back by there after dinner and take her a lightweight blanket for her to cover up with when she is napping!

So, for now there is nothing more to report so I will go ahead and put the dear dad letter into the blog!

                      I am out of here...Vicki is getting the paper towels!  Run for your lives!  lol!

Dear Dad 9.
On Tuesday morning we left San Diego and started on our trip to the national parks and then on to Lake Tahoe. 
As we were driving into the gas station in Modesto I heard a loud screeching sound.  "What is that I yelled to Vicki?"  Now remember that this is a blind person asking the deaf person what is going on.  She said, ""NOTHING". So silly me , I believed her.  After filling the gas tank, filling the coke cups and emptying the bladders, we were ready to go.  I was still standing outside the car when   Vicki started screaming.  What is wrong with her?, I thought as I backed away from the car   "there is a mouse in the car and I just tried to pick it up as I thought it was a leaf!"..this was not good news and I continued to back away from the car."get me a paper towel she demanded.  I couldn't argue with that as there was absolutely no way that I was going anywhere near that mouse.  She picked it up and escorted it to the trash can.  She gave it a little extra squeeze on the way! lol!  She is a baby mouse killer!  lol!  Gross... she then got into the car and insis 

ted that I follow.  As I started to get into the car Vicki let out another shriek telling me not to get into the car.  She yelled "there are two more on your side of the car..get me a paper towel!" she demanded.  Not to worry, I am getting good at getting paper towels!  NOW it was not too much longer and I realized where the eek eek eek was coming from when we arrived at the gas was me killing two baby mice.  Yipes!

Now, we have not found out how the mice got into the car and we do not know how many more there are and the big question, '"WHERE THE HELL IS THE MOTHER?"  We left a piece of KASHI on the front floor to see if anyone eats it.  Since it is locked inside the car and Vicki and I are on the outside, the KASHI should be safe.!  lol!
                                                                                Where are my babies?

In my hysteria I called Mary Lou and she had a great solution to the whole problem."buy a new car!"!   so DAD. I think she is right and a new car is a good way to get rid of the mice!  Who wants a mouse house for  a car?  Who would want their daughter to ride around in a mouse house?  What would Nancy and B.O.B. think of such a thing? After all, they sell cars, not mouse houses!!

In the true tradition of a dear dad letter it is time for me to sign off and go have margaritas, popcorn and chocolate cake!  lol!

Be careful out there!

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