Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21, Just shake your head!

I don't know about seemed strange to me, all the way around.

The morning started out with someone sitting at the table next to our  table and she was a person that everyone at our table  had a disagreement with.  Half of the people ignored her and the other half spoke when she arrived!  Oh, me oh my!
                              What a day we had today!                                          

Next we went to AAA to finalize our Christmas cruise.  I think we have lost our minds thinking we will be able to do this .....and if you knew what we are planning you would have us committed!  lol!

                                 It is really cool up here...where are we....this must be a dream!  lol!

Then we went to the mortuary and signed a pre-need plan for Rosine after which we went to see Rosine and tried to get a few things done toward moving her stuff.....of course , she was telling us what to do!  It is so funny when she tells us that she can't do whatever it is that no one asked her to do!  OMG!   You would think that she was going to haul the furniture on her back!  lol!
So I think we will go and do some work tomorrow and just not let her know that we are there!

We got an email from our friend Jerry, who keeps an eye on our condo in San Diego, and he went into the condo today and the kitchen sink was full of black sludge!  He really did not want to tell us ...but we need to know...they do not know where it is coming from...2 weeks ago there was a split pipe in our clothes closet!

My brain is having a hard time figuring out what I am doing!  Vicki and I cannot tell why we are reacting so much to the heat or if it is just an emotional reaction.....duh!...who votes for the emotional reaction?  lol!
Normally, I have pretty good coping skills but there is really a lot going on...and on top of all of this....I am turning 75 in August and when Rosine falls.....I will be next in line...this makes me nervous actually this whole thing, weather included makes me want to run down the street screaming....but it is too damnd hot to run anywhere!  lol!  Did I get that off my chest?  No!  But I am going to try harder to do better!  I am going to start focusing on all the projects around I am going to work out in the garage!  What I need is an air conditioner in the garage!  Like that is going to happen!  lol!

Now for thinking positive thoughts!

                                           I like this place...let's come here for Christmas!  lol!

Be careful out there!

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