Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4, Dear Dad7

Here we are....The sun is now up at 5:30 and  that is when I woke up this morning!  So, here I am getting the blog started and I should still be asleep.

I don't know what time Vicki finally settled down but she was up at 1:00.  I sure hope they find out what is going on and that it is not something serious!

Today we go to coffee with all the group and we go to Paradise Bakery.  Hope all goes well.  All went well and everyone seemed to enjoy coffee!Sandi will not see Sally and George until she comes back from her trip around the 18th of June!  Tomorrow will be our last day we will see Sandi until the 24th of June if we go to San Diego!

Today we went to see Shelly to have our little Spa treatments.  We both enjoy Shelly so much and are always happy to see her.  I would keep her for a daughter but she already has a mom.  lol!
Shelly told us that we were going to feel really good when she got done with us and we did!  lol!  Oh, part of our spa day was when Vicki's phone decided it wanted to have a pedicure and it hopped into the spa  lol!...Vicki was helping me with my phone when  her phone decided to jump into the spa lol!.....I was hoping it was my phone that took the bath as I am really wanting the iPhone 5. lol!  Well, it takes better pictures! lol!

                    Shelly is always happy and fun to be around!

After having our spa treatment we went over to see Rosine.  She had a lot to tell us including the fact that her doctor is a D.O. and she does not want Rosine to have any more treatments with the chiropractor.  They are putting Rosine into Physical therapy and they want to have her see a neurologist as they think she may have Parkinson's.  This would account for her inability to do anything but shuffle along.  They are doing more tests on her but they said that her muscle strength is good!  So, this will be interesting  to see how this all turns out!

This was a pleasant surprise when we came out of Rosine's place and we saw these ducks in the yard!  Evidently they were lost....they were friendly and seemed to want to pose for their pictures.  How fun and what a nice way to end our visit!

Oh, we are planning a trip to Atlanta on the 21st of October.  We haven't told anyone yet, so, mums the word.  It is a surprise! lol! Oh, we cancelled our cruise in October!  Neither of us thought it was going to happen and the sailing was on the anniversary of "Sandy".  As you all remember, we rode into Ft Lauderdale on the tail of "Sandy".

                                           Four nights in Atlanta's downtown area!

                                        Three nights in Savannah, Georgia!

We have decided that the planets must be in retrograde, whatever that means!  All of our problems started 2 months ago  so we figured that we are close to being through this turmoil.  
The flooring is laid in the bathroom.  We decided to look at a different pattern and we found one that we liked better, it was in stock and was a lot cheaper.  It was laid on Monday and looks great.  

We bought a piece of brown grass carpet to put on the patio to cover some bad spots on the carpet and of course I should have gotten 20ft instead of 14 ft.  What was I thinking.  It works, just not as well.  

Today Johnny Angel came over and mounted our shower rod.  He then changed the mountings on a picture to make it earthquake proof and then he hung a stained glass picture that we have had for the last 6 years.  All of a sudden Vicki came yelling from the back of the house! 

Help me.... I just went to the master bathroom and black stuff is bubbling out of my sink!!!  It is all over the carpet and the counter.  Johnny Angel is here and when he looked into the bathroom to see what was wrong he ran away!!  A few minutes later he reappeared with a bottle of Margaritas, chocolate cake and popcorn!   I love the Margaritas, the chocolate cake and the popcorn but why is the sewer in the bathroom instead of in the pipes.  Johnny Angel says it is going to be all right but I think he is just saying that.  Lyle from next door came and looked and ran home1 Do you think it was the smell that drove him away or was he mad because we drank all the margaritas?  Please don’t tell mom.  lol!

Yesterday the plumber came and hooked up the refrigerator and installed the new dishwasher.  I was laying there in bed thinking,” I think it’s over, life is good.”  Last night when I got up to go tinkle,, about 15 minutes later I heard the toilet flush by itself.  I thought that was strange and then I decided that it was the ice maker and that I was not use to hearing it drop the ice and fill up again! 

I just don’t know what to do!! Now we have ghosts!  In the middle of the night one of the ghosts used my toilet and it overflowed all over the bathroom.  Do you think he was constipated?  I want to cry !  It is too early in the morning for chocolate cake , margaritas and popcorn!  lol!  It’s too early for Johnny Angel too!  I think I need to move!  I think the planets collided and are not where they should be!  Please don’t tell mom.

We are hanging in there

love you
Be careful out there!

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