Sunday, June 2, 2013

June2nd, What a day we had today....

This is Sunday...Friday night we were up all night as Vicki was jerking all over the place.  This also meant that I did not sleep either.  At 5:30 .M. after having 2 hours sleep there was a loud bang on the house and starting up of a very loud machine.  I was dozing in my chair right net to the patio.  I shot up, threw open the door and in all my glory, yelled
what the hell are you doing"  yes, I shrieked!  So this is how yesterday started.  We made our plans today as to how we were going to handle Vicki's medicines for the weekend to keep from having to the ER.

By last night she was doing better so, of course I started getting sik.  I had to stop watching Vicki and go to bed....after I finisher throwing my gutts up in the most violent case of vomiting I have ever had...things did not go well....I blew my nose and I blew out blood.  I was not happy and went straight to bed.  We slept in and when we got up we were able to start the day, both of us, feeling better!

Now it is bed time on Sunday night...Iam not going to throw up and Vicki seems to be having an okay night so far!

Today we went over to see Rosine and right before we got there she fell down and landed on her back....she hit her head and the walker ended up on top of her!  It looks like she is okay but there are rough days ahead.

We did not take any recent pictures but I want to show you a few from the past!

                                              Here we go!  Hold on tight because we might crash!  lol!

              I won this contest at Dillards and I got to be the Diva for the Day!  See how happy I  lol!

DEAR DAD 6 .....
Today we were up at 5:00a.m. to anxiously await the arrival of the new curtains for the master bedroom.  
After 3 hours and 5 phone calls it was discovered that the installer thought the appointment was at 7:00p.m.  Okay he will come in the morning when they lay the flooring.  

FRIDAY Curtains were installed this a.m. and look very nice.  Installer for the floor called and it will be afternoon before he gets here.  

1:00 arrives and so does the installer.  In the mean time Johnny Angel has called twice asking when he can put the toilet back together.  
The installer prepped the floor and then when he went to put the flooring down found that it was a foot short.  He said he would do it first thing Monday morning.  BUT then his boss called and said there is no more of the flooring and it will be 2 weeks before they get it in!  

I am waiting for my new floors.  The toilet is in the bathtub and the bathroom is a mess.  I just heard Sandi howling in the other room and saying “ NOT FOR 2 WEEKS?”  She seems very upset.   I wonder what tha means?  Why is she asking Johnny Angel for chocolate cake and margaritas? I think we are having a problem with the floor because the nice man just left and said he was sorry.   I wonder why he said he will be back in two weeks....something is wrong....the new floor has cement showing...I think I will call Johnny Angel too!... Chocolate Cake and Margaritas, make it a double!!!     DON'T TELL MOM!. lol!
Be careful out there!

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