Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, Still in the hospital!

Up we go and off the Starbucks....what will this day hold?

After Starbucks we went by Freedom Inn and looked at Rosines new room.  We are hoping it is ready tomorrow!

                                                    Things are looking up and so is Rosine!

There she was when we walked in this morning....there is an interesting phenomena going on....the first day she was laying flat and only talked a little......the second day she was elevated another foot and was alert and questioning......yesterday up another foot and starting to complain and give out, almost all the way up, complaining, and giving EVERYONE orders....can't wait to see what happens when they stand her up!  lol!

I had a doctors appointment this afternoon to find out the results of my stress test!  My heart actually looks good except for the small amount of AFIB.  My meds for now are okay but he thinks that I have had this ever since I started having the sinking spells!  So, finally after 35 years, someone got it right!  I love this new doctor....did I say that he is a race car driver and he let us listen to his cars engine running?  lol!


Rosine's grandson, Mario, came to visit.  Bless his heart, he entertained Rosine for several hours and she loved every minute of it!  Good job, Mario!
   Mario's mom, Susie kept Vicki and me entertained!  It was nice to be able to visit with her!  She brought videos that the twins made for Rosine....they are 7 and sooo cute!

                                                Avery and Alaina are Vicki's nieces!

We decided that we needed to have some control in our life.  I called Sam, our hairdresser and begged her to take us and fix us up!  It is the only place in our lives where we believed we stood a chance of getting it together.  I am quite happy with mine and it has a nice line in the back!  Thank you Sam!

                                                       Thank You, Sam                                                                 

Sandi says that I look really good too!  I feel so much better, and she should know because she was a hairdresser in a past life!  lol!  ..thank you Sam!

Well, this is it for the cabin to go and hide in and no room service!

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