Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not that hot today!

gToday we went to coffee all by ourselves!Meanwhile back in Phoenix....we texted Sandi to see how everyone was feeling and in the true spirit of technology she sent us this text from our Starbucks!

Irwin looks like he is feeling just fine!  Damion is waving to us...he is such a character and the girls are smiling pretty for us!      

                                                                  I am sorry is what it is!  lol!           

After coffee we went to Target and Macey's and then on home!  This is the food court  at Mission Valley Center!  Lunch time and no one is here! 

There are flowers and nice plants all over here!

At 2:00 we met Jerry and went up the coast to the outlet mall and then went to Norte for Mexican food!
Yes, this is the third time this week for Mexican food!  lol!  And we like it that way!

We are in Carlsbad and the ocean is straight ahead...there goes Vicki and Jerry!
There they go into the Mexican Restaurant....hey!  what am I?  Chopped liver!  lol!
This is Carlsbad Inn, we use to own a timeshare here.  Norte is attached on the side of the Inn!
                                            Every weekend there is a art show on the grounds of the Inn!
This mansion use to put on San Diego's best Sunday dinner.  Fried chicken and all the trimmings to the tune of 3,500 calories per dinner!  Too bad they are gone!  lol! 

                                      The view of Carlsbad beaches is beautiful!

                                 Our typical coast line! 

                    Night time on any beach is the best!

We are having plumbing issues so we need to call tomorrow to get someone out here....if all goes well we will then make it to the zoo to try out our new passes!

Be careful out there!


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