Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, day out!

Let me is Thursday...right?  It is getting hard as the days are going so slowly and are beginning to blur!  We met Sandi and Irwin at Starbucks and had a fun time
Irwin suggested we join them for a movie and go to the Cheesecake Factory.  We did it and we felt a lot better as we ventured home in the evening!
The wonderful world of allows you to have morning coffee with your friends and you can "Reach Out and Touch Someone!"This is a multi-tasking event!    They are so cute!

After coffee we ran by Rosines and she sent us out to retrieve more things from her old room.  She said that she felt better mentally and about the same physically.  After a few runs we said we were going home to have lunch and we would be back to see her before we met Sandi and Irwin for our outting.

When we came back to see Rosine, she was on a terror.  It is really hard to cope when she is like is nothing new...finally I had to excuse myself and go out and sit in the nurses area.  It is really hard and it put me in a funk!  Vicki says that she remembers how it would upset her when my mother would get on my case!  And so it goes, round and round!  

Rosine's room will not be done until Monday.  They were suppose to have put the carpet in today...god only knows if they did...I think it will be easier when she is in her own room!  Easier for all of us!

This is really all I am good for tonight!

Be careful out there!

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