Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, hump day!

It is another day and who knows what this one will bring!
Got up early today and went for a blood draw!  Then we went to coffee and met Sandi and Irwin for coffees!  After we did not solve the problems of the world we decided to go to QT and then go see Rosine!

Rosine was wanting some of her clothes that she told us to give away.....I kept telling Vicki, the last couple of days, that she was coming to get us and was going to want her clothes. lol! Yep, that is exactly what happened.   She said, where are my.....?   what did you do with my.......?  Sooooo we told her we did what she told us to do....we gave them away....WHERE ARE THEY....? lol!  I knew that somehow it was going to come back and bite us in the ass and guess what, it did! lol!  So, we went to Bon worth and picked up a couple of pants and then we went home and got some of ours out to give her!  I don't know if it is going to work.  Vicki went over by herself this afternoon...right before she came home, I called over there to see what she was doing...Vicki said that Rosine was very tired and was still sitting in her chair.  She has been sitting in that wheelchair for 7 hours, I screeched...get her out of it....she doesn't want to bother anyone, Vicki said!  Ring her buzzer and have them let her lay down for a couple of hours!...and don't come home  unless you have her in bed!  lol!  When Vicki came home I said...well?  She said, she rang the buzzer and they came in and helped her lay down...Rosinesaid, see how much work it was!  That is why you are paying them to take care of you, besides Sandi said I can't come home if they don't lay you down! lol!  Rosine gets mad when I put my 2 cents in but underneath it all, you can bet that she was so happy to lay her bones down on that bed.  I cannot imagine sitting in that wheel chair for 7 is a wheelchair for God's sake not her easy boy.  If it were her easy boy she could stay in it forever!  but not in a wheelchair!  geez!  I am going to have to go and lay down just to deal with this!  lol!

I am really tired....wish I could lay down for a little while....RING YOUR BUZZER!


I was thinking I would lay my bones down on that bed if mom refused to do it!

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