Saturday, June 29, 2013

It is hot here too! kinda! lol!

Today is our first full day in San Diego.  As usual, we started the day off at Starbucks!  Mary Lou met us there and it looked like we were going to have a hard time finding a seat.  It was beautiful out and the weather was perfect to sit outside.  After doing the table shuffle 3 times, I finally got us situated outside and the 2 Princesses were out of the sun!  lol!

Princess #1 is looking good!  She has lost 14 pounds and is feeling pretty good about it!
I was able to get Princess #2 out of the sun also....she too was feeling pretty perky! lol!

Princess #3 was tired after moving the princesses to 3 different tables!  She ran out of shade by this time and she did not care.  lol!  Both princess 1 and 3 had just been to the dermatologist!  oops! Princess #3's hair is not the right color!  lol!

Princess # 2 is ignoring us as she checks the temperatures all around the country!

Now this was a new adventure...this is Wang's restaurant in North Park.  It is the old J.C. Penny building and has been unoccupied for over 30 years.  North Park is the shopping area that my sister Judy and I frequented while growing up!  It is for this reason that I took so many pictures of the inside.  It was hard to believe that I use to try on bra's right up at the top of the stairs!  lol!
     Jerry and Vicki are enjoying the Happy Hour.  This is really a beautiful place and so well done!

                                                                 The bar!

                                             We are having a good time!

                                                         Vicki is having a good time too!
I love these lanterns!
                                  I love this tree too!  It's too bad I did not take some pictures of the outside!

So, we had a very nice day.  We are going up the coast tomorrow so we will have a whole new set of pictures!

I guess Rosine had a good day today...she has decided that they have moved her  into a  room that is too small!  Go figure!

Be careful out there!

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