Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, last Dear Dad!

Just woke up early and thought I would turn on my computer.  It is another day and maybe we will know what is going on by the end of the day.  Cancelled my computer appointment and that is okay.  Don't have the energy to go and do it anyway.  It must be all the ice cream I ate yesterday but I am sleeping as I am typing!  lol!

I think I hear the alarm going off so I had better go and see what the worlds is doing...I am sure Rosine has a list of things she wants done.  I always thought, when  the GENERAL was flat on their back that they could not give orders!  lol!

Well, we still don't know much.  Rosine will be going back to Freedom Inn and will have a hospital bed and will be moved to the second floor next to the nurses station!  When this is going to happen is unknown to us.  Vicki's brother is flying in on Friday and he will take charge.

Today I got a call from my doctor and the results of my stress test are in.  The arteries are clear but the test showed some AFIB.  So we are going tomorrow to see him and then in the afternoon we are getting our hair done.  The interesting thing is that if I had not changed doctors, it would not have been found!

Vicki is very tired and overwhelmed and is now in the shower.  I stayed home this afternoon but tomorrow I will go with her.  I saw Rosine tho morning and I think she was feeling better as she was getting bitchy!

On this trip to Canada in 2006 we were with Roger and Mary.  We took a 5 day pour  before the cruise and then we stayed a few days in New York.  It was a surprise to see that ground Zero still looked so bad!  The trip itself was wonderful and we were so glad to make friends with Roger and Mary!

DEAR DAD 13, The last in the series!

You know that we went on a trip to Canada and New England. well we had some really strange things happen to us….
First of all, we went to Ottawa.  We were so happy on the third day of the tour that we were going to be able to sleep an extra hour!  Something went wrong and when the alarm went off we jumped up and quickly got dressed…then we found we had not changed the clock….so we decided to go to breakfast, to Starbucks and to the drug store.  Something is very wrong with the prices in Canada….we went into the store for 2 bottles of water.  Why do you think it cost us $69?  We got water, 6 protien bars and some ECHINACEA and a sleeping compound.  Vicki  took the sleeping compound that night and was awake all night.  She was up and down, hot and cold and she  kept scratching the furniture and the drapes ..”what is CATNIP anyway?”  It was in the compound.  She  also kept purring on the bus!  I told Vicki she  can’t have anymore CATNIP Anyway!  lol!

           Yes, you were purring on the bus and everyone on the bus heard you!  lol!

We had a wonderful day in Bar Harbor.  but once again something strange happened.  we went to a lobster dinner but it was nothing like we have ever had.  ”why was the lobster sleeping on our plates with eyes that were looking at us?  “The nice lady said to grab the lobster and hold it while you TWIST  the tail off.”  Vicki must not have heard her and she RIPPED the lobster’s tail right off and everything went flying!  Over went her ice tea and water!  The nice lady next to her had her arm in a cast and now it was all wet..…..I was on the left  side of her and I  was getting very wet.  before Vicki could say she was sorry,  “Rosine  taught Vicki to always say I’m sorry.”  the man on the other side of me  ripped the tail off of his lobster and sent all of his liquids sailing.  Vicki was wonder why I was screaming and holding the table cloth up in the air?  We had corn bread with the lobster and we could not figure out why the cornbread, on the bottom, was soggy and tasted like tea. Better it tasted like tea than tasting like that horrible smelling lobster!   Do you think this is a new way to make corn bread?  lol!
My shirt is still wet and I smell like a lobster and that is not a good thing!  lol!

Vicki  knew that Rosine was very excited that we were going to see the view.  we had to get up very early.  what is the alarm didn’t go off?  they said we had to stand in a long line for a long time .  What if we got tired and our legs hurt?  what if we have to go potty?  they said once we get in and sit down we would be locked in.  this scares me, what is we need to go pottie?  what about food? Food is a big issue...we could pass out!   it scares us to be locked in a room.  so we didn’t go!  And we felt better!  Let's go to Starbucks!  lol!
                  They are nice ladies but they don't give away CARS!  lol!

We decided to go to ground Zero to see if it had changed.  We were looking for the subway.  Why do they hide them?  We kept going up and down the street and then there was a loud noise “it sounded like a splat of raw meat slapping the cement. “  Vicki was down and couldn’t get up!...all of a sudden two Muslim Angels  picked her right up off the ground.”  Why do you think they were holding their backs as they walked away.  I took Vicki into a Deli and asked the lady, sitting at a table for 4, if Vicki could sit down at her table as Vicki had just fallen down!  The mean lady said “no” so Vicki started wailing, "there is no one at her table, why won’t she let me sit down, oh my God!"  I found a seat clear in the back of the Deli and then I glared at the lady.  If that happened now,  I would have to shoot her!  lol!
            This is where the mean lady could she be so mean to my Vicki?

Next we went to ground zero and took a look.  It is cleaned up but they have found more remains and we could not tell what was going on.  and guess what?  There were men with big bags, big enough to put 2 people in…and they wanted us to look in the bags.  Why do you think they wanted us to look?  Vicki was scared and I thought they might put us in the bag....  We looked anyway.   Vicki is  just like mom…she would have looked!  There were special purses…they would let us look and then slam the bag shut…it was like they were hiding them!  Why would they hide them when they were such a good deal???  A $1,400 purse, for only $40!  they should put them out so everyone could see them!  Vicki bought one and then they hid them again!...We don't get it!

                        It is so has taken a long time to clean it up!

This next thing makes Vicki very sad and scared.  On our way back from ground Zero we were on the subway.  Vicki thought it was time to get off the subway.  I was behind her and before I knew it, the doors closed.  Vicki was yelling at me but I couldn’t hear her!  It is really not a nice thing to do to leave a blind person on the subway!  All by herself!  Vicki thought I would get off at the next stop.  I got off the subway and there were no people on the platforms.  2 gangsters looked at me strangely.  Why did they look at me strangely, didn’t they know that they were the gangsters?   I ran around, up and down like a mouse in a maze and finally I found my way out and I came up right next to the hotel ! Boy was Vicki relieved!


Last but not least was Oprah's, THE COLOR PURPLE!  No one ever told usthat the people from Africa have different ways of talking and telling jokes that we can not understand.  They dance really well and they sing really well too!  We didn’t get the jokes.  So, we left at the intermission.    It is too bad too because they gave us such nice seats.  They were for a blind person and were in the 2 nd row in the center!
Did I say.....there were only 2 other white people in the audience?


Well dad, this is all for now.  I don’t think I want to move.  I like it here!  But I really do LIKE those cruise ships!  Especially with Roger and Mary!


                              We all love to Cruise....yea, what fun!

Be careful out there!

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