Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 10, What a surprise!

Here it is Monday again and the week is starting all over again! The difference with this week is it started with a phone call from Freedom seems that Rosine did not feel well in the night and told them that she wanted to go to the hospital.  It seems that her blood pressure went up high, 170/110 and she could not stand up!  They  put her in observation and they    are running tests including an echo.  Hopefully she will be able to go back to Freedom Inn and not have to go to a nursing home.  I would guess, at this point, we will not be going to San Diego on Saturday!  I will add updates to this blog as I get them.  Vicki and I had lunch and then she brought me home and she went back to the hospital.  I think Rosine is going to want Vicki with her 24/7 and she does not realize that Vicki does not have the nervous system to do that!  Rosine is in a private room....duh...she is contagious! It is the same as taking universal precautions!  Suit up...mask up...glove up!    Geez.... Rosine is wearing red socks and has a red DNR sign on her wrist.  Red socks mean she is TOTALLY UNSTABLE and is not to be let out of bed.  She is not happy about having to use a bed pan.  She cannot use one at Freedom Inn.  So, this will be continued in tomorrow's blog!
                    FINALLY!!!  I have not eaten since yesterday, it is about time they fed me!  lol!

 Yesterday I renewed our San Diego Zoo Membership.  Since I was born and raised in San Diego, I can remember when we got in for free.  Not too many years ago, 20 to be exact, it was only $8.00 a year for a senior.  Now it is $114.00 for a dual household for a year and that is only if you are a San Diego City resident!  I will have to check and see how much the merry-go- round is.  It was suppose to never go higher than 5cents, so everyone can go and it was left to the city for the children of San Diego!

          I am glad we are going to be going back to the Zoo.  The Giraffe's are my favorites.

OMG!  The zebra is riding on the giraff                                  

I use to come to the zoo every Saturday and I would also take Ballet lessons in the park.  It was so nice that it was free, otherwise I would not have been able to do it!  I have a special connection with the gorillas!  lol!

Little does Sandi know ....Her connection with me is even closer than she thinks!  lol!  So is Vicki's!

                                     Aaron and Tami like the pandas the best!

  I had a hard time telling that this was a panda....the reality is that when you have a blind person writing a blog you will have some strange experiences!  lol!

Dear Dad 10

We are on a trip that you don't know we are on so it makes it hard for me to write this to you.  It has been exactly one week since the mice incident and I will admit we are all still a little jumpy.

On Tuesday we went from our time share in Lake Taho to Reno and spent the night.  We then went to the airport and picked up Mary Lou.  Then back to Tahoe.
  Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place regardless of what time of year it is!                         
            Mary Lou and Vicki are having a great time walking in the water!

On Wednesday we spent the day driving around the lake.  We stopped at Garwood's and had lunch on the deck and it was beautiful.  The whole deck was covered with umbrellas, like Lyle's, but MUCH BIGGER!!!  It was so much fun.  Sandi got a little sunburned but that's okay as she says she is a natural red head.  I don't know what that means!

                   I just love these umbrellsa!
                       This is the dock at Garwoods!
                  I have to admit, we did not have these drinks, we had hot fudge milk shakes instead!  lol!

Well, before we left for Reno we had a problem with the noise at the swimming pool.  It is suppose to close at ten and at eleven we finally called and they closed the place up.  These are the rules and the nuns always told me that I should obey the rules.  Well, last night it happened again.  At ten fifteen Sandi called and they said they would turn off the music right away.  At ten thirty there were three guys in the hot tub!  What is wrong with them, did the nuns forget to tell them about the rules?  lol!
              I love this is wonderful to lay on the water under the pine trees.  This is where we were when we learned that Princess Diane had died....I will never forget it....we were in the middle of a water arobic class....September 1997!         

At eleven we were getting really upset as the boys were now jumping in pool
and making lots of moaning noises.  What is wrong with them?   Sandi decided
she would call the office and tell them that someone had taken the cover off
the pool and that they were making a lot of noise.   The kid at the other
end of the phone said that he was unaware of the problem, Hah!   At this
point, Vicki, forgetting that she was not a nun, started shrieking out the window "THE POOL CLOSES AT TEN O'CLOCK!!  GET OUT!!!

The three young men shot straight up into the air and hit the deck running.
Strange thing, one of them was the night manager whom Sandi had been talking to on the phone.  I think the nuns should have used a ruler when they taught them about rules!!  If I had had one, I certainly would have used it.  lol!

Needless to say, we packed up the car the next morning and headed for Las Vegas, leaving the sinners behind.

Be careful out there.  SnV

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