Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8, It's Saturday!

Here we are starting another day and it started at Paradise Bakery!  I have decided that I am not sure that I like to go to Paradise Bakery.  It seems that things do not go well when I go there!  lol!  No,  I am not going into details!  You really don't want to know!
After we had breakfast we picked up a breakfast sandwich for Joshua who was at home doing his families laundry.  Their washer is still not fixed!

Kodi and I are here doing the laundry...not that Kodi is really helping!

"If he thinks I am helping him with the laundry" he is crazy!  "I am here to get treats from Nana!"lol!

Joshua helped me with some computer problems.  After he was done with that he set up Net Flicks for us...I am not sure I am going to like it as Vicki is now sitting at her computer with headphones on and only God knows what she is they have porn on Net Flicks?  lol!
This is really draining...I am very tired...a girl came into help Rosine and it did not go well...I made a few suggestions, which Rosine agreed with, to the girl who did not like my attitude.  She grabbed Rosine and was doing a body press to put her in her chair....Rosine started yelling and then I started yelling.....not a pretty picture...Of course, Vicki missed the whole thing!  Vicki had gone to get Rosine some water!

This wheel chair fits me just fine!

Rosine has moved all of her stuff into the handicapped bathroom.  I lowered the mirror on the wall so she can see herself and put on her makeup.  As I have said before, she is a real trooper but it is very hard for Vicki and me to watch her loosing her independence!



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