Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6, Doctor Day!

Today we went to coffee early.  George, Sally and Irwin were there.  Sandi was up in the sky on her way to Boston.  After coffee we went home for a couple of hours before Vicki had her doctors appointment.

Now, about the doctors appointment....he does not know what is wrong with, he did not give her any medicine!   While Vicki was in the shower she had an aha moment.  why do we have aha moments while showering?  I mean ....really...there she is lathering up with soap...she oblivious to her surroundings and...she has an aha moment....why not an OMG experience, what has happened to my body?  lol!  Anyway, when she was referred to the neurologist it was for pain....she has not been in pain since she has been on the Parkinson's medication.  Today the medicine is finally out of her system and so, while in the shower, she discovered that her pain is back!  Then it all came back to her and she screamed...AHA, AHA, AHA I know what happened!Well, silly me, I went running in there thinking she was screaming ah, ah, ah, like I am in pain....well, I guess she was!  lol!  Now, we have to wait and see if the jerking is gone or if she now has jerking pain!  OMG!

Tomorrow I have my stress test and so I can't have my peach tea or any chocolate and should not have anything that has fat in it and so I am about to go crazy!  Of course, I am craving peach tea and chocolate  and margaritas and popcorn with real butter like Lyle use to make !  lol!

I took no pictures today, I did not sail to a foreign  port and I did not lose any weight.  I do believe it is Johnny Angel's fault because of all the chocolate cake, margaritas and popcorn they have been feeding us!  lol!

                 Today we went to Dillards.....we had a mini face lift.....pretty good! lol!

Be careful out there!

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