Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 15, Happy Father's Day!

I know you will be very surprised at this....we did not go to Starbuckd today!  We went to Carls Jr for their biscuits.  Well, we don't have to do that again!  lol!

Went over to Rosines place and did a pretty good job of cleaning it out.  The problem right now is that the new room is not ready for her.  Vicki's brother Bob came over to see Rosine and he was shocked when he saw her!  He will be coming back tomorrow!

It is very hot here and for some reason we are both really feeling it!

Sunday June 16th.

We have been busy running back and forth to the hospital.  Bob came back and saw Rosine today.  Some of this is really difficult as Rosine keeps getting into the mix...telling everyone what she believes to be true and states it as fact...she has had herself discharged 5 different times and has gotten EVERYONE'S bowels in an uproar!  Omg!  If this were not a matter of life and death it would make a great sitcom.  Especially today when she informed the nurse that Vicki wanted her off her lecix pill which if she did not take it she would die....Vicki's mouth dropped open and she shrieked....MOTHER!!!!  I do not!  lol!  I think that Rosine is not quite as sharp as she was before this happened!

Joshua had a good time telling us all about the new Apple operating system and showing us the Beta version!

Tami was busy telling us all about her new job!

We were busy talking about Rosine....were we all just sitting there talking to ourselves?  Interesting thought!  lol!

We met Joshua and Tami for coffee this morning.  Mark was not able to be there as they were delivering their new washer today.  I really like their Starbucks out by their house!After coffee we went to the hospital to see Rosine!  Bob was just leaving the hospital and said that Rosine says she is being discharged!  lol!  Well, it turns out that she is being discharged at 6:30 tonight.  Now Hospice is hopping and Freedom Inn is hopping and we are hopping too!  LOL!  I am hoping I am so wrong but I think this is not going to be a pretty picture.  I told Vicki that we might have to spend the night there and she looked at me like I had lost my mind and all of my teeth too!  lol!  I am not going to finish this until we get back from her arriving home!

Only an hour and we leave......I am a bit nervous......Vickiis too tired to be nervous!

We are back and Rosine is in her room in her bed and she says she is staying in the bed because the doctor physical therapy...he did not physical activity!  Tomorrow Sheryl and Rosine will duke it out and we will see who wins.....Sheyl is determined to get her out of has been a week so this is not going to be fun!  We plan to go to Costco in the morning so that we won't know what is happening....yes, I mean we are hiding at Costco so that we won't have to deal with what is long do you think they will let us hide in there?  lol!

Going to bed now!

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