Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 5, A close encounter of the highway patrol kind!!

Here we are...today is the last day for Sandi to come to coffee before she leaves for Boston.  Sally and George came also so they could say good-bye to her!  Time  flies and then it is time to part!
 I hope she has a wonderful time and enjoys being with her grandkids!

Every so often someone gives Irwin a Starbucks card, anonymously!  The manager of Starbucks comes over to our table and she hands him the gift.  There is another minister that has coffee in there and he usually gets one too.  This is a very nice gesture and always  is a surprise.  Well, today the manager came up to our table and handed Irwin his little gold card and also gave one to Vicki and one to Me! We were just totally shocked and we all have no idea who gave them to us and why we got one!   Anyway, thank you anonymous and we will pay it forward!

After coffee we went to the mall.  I was excited to go but by the time we got there I was tired....not exactly tired but had no energy.  We went to Dillard's and I bought 3 pair of shorts and 3 shirts to go with them.  The shirts are short sleeve but are good year around colors.  I am sorting out my closet and if I have not worn it in the last year, I will give it to someone who can be using it!

Well, Vicki has her appointment tomorrow.  She had a much better night last night...it seems to be getting better every night.  Hopefully she will be helped with a good medicine and will be able to carry on!  Rosine goes to her Doctor to see if she has Parkinson's disease on the July 8th.  This is good as we are hoping that we can go to San Diego on the 15th.

Now, Vicki and I are planning a trip to Atlanta in October.  We are in the process of creating an itinerary and going about this in an organized fashion.  Of course, we are going also to see our friends who live there!  We have a couple of friends in Alabama and we will see how they factor in!
We came home from the mall, we had told Rosine that we would not be over...she forgot and when Vicki called her she found out the Rosine is cleaning closets and had stuff all over the place...I just could not get up out of  my chair and so I let her go without me!  It seems like she has been gone for a really long time...oops, here she is!  Well, it was even worse than I thought.  Rosine was in the wheelchair and had everything out to be moved.  For some reason she has decided that she is going to live in it....she had Vicki move tables, empty drawers and she planted herself in front of the TV ...what about the new chair that lifts her right up on her feet?  Good question....I guess we will find out the answer tomorrow when we go there!  Mama Mia, she is a tough old bird!  lol!

I think we need some levity so I think I will go ahead and add the next DEAR DAD letter so that we all can have a good laugh!


On Friday we set out to do a few errands.  We went down to the Sports Arena to look around and had lunch. we then decided to take I8 and go to Walmart. As we were about to exit the freeway, or should i say move over to the exit lanes, the right front tire blew out. I will say that the car handled beautifully under the circumstances. we finally got to the emergency lane and were able to stop. it was only 2:00 but it was a Friday afternoon and rush hour had already started. Vicki called AAA and they said they would be out in 20 minutes. A patrol officer stopped to check that we were all right and advised us to stay in the car with our seat belts buckled.

While we were waiting I called our next door neighbor , Lyle, to let him know that we would not be home in time for the Friday cocktail party. Finally the AAA came and the person was a girl. not a big one at that so don't think big, big. she was about the size between Vicki and myself. She jacked the car up and was in the process of putting the spare tire on when she knocked the jack out from under the car and her leg was pinned under the car. this was not a pretty picture. Here you have a blind person who can't really see what has happened and how much of her is pinned under the car and you have a deaf person who thinks she needs to move the car. lol! Now this woman, of course, was yelling her head off. I ran to the car and tried pushing on it to take off some of the pressure. Vicki hops in the car. Both the girl and I are yelling to vicki to not move the car but to get into the truck and call 911. do you see how frantic picture this was? I called 911 and was yelling at them that the girl was pinned under the car. Now all the stories you hear about the adrenaline and picking up a car are not true. Maybe if that sucker had been a Volkswagon I could have done it but believe me this baby did not move. Iol!  I kept pushing on it as i didn't know if it was helping. meanwhile the girl was able to get the jack back under the car, which we never thought of doing, and she raised the car up and pulled her leg out. she then said to cancel the ambulance. I am still pushing frantically on the car. lol!  So I stopped and went to the back of the car. I must tell you that the noise on the freeway was horrendous and no one could hear anything. the " HOT highway patrolman" then arrived along with another AAA truck and the paramedics. Vicki called Lyle to tell him that the girl was pinned under the car but abruptly hung up on him as the patrolman had arrived. the patrolman approached us and asked me how I had pushed the car on to the girl. I said" I DIDN'T DO THAT" HE said "she said you did". Pictures of a law suit ran through my head. he then said," just kidding" Vicki slapped him on the arm and decided instantly that one should not hit a highway patrolman. lol! At that point I said to him" And I was just going to tell you how cute your helmet is" lol!  Now really, that was not exactly what I was thinking" lol!   he was really cute and should be a poster child for "hot highway patrolmen"  lol!  

The girl got up from the ground and started walking much to everyones horror. 
meanwhile back at the ranch.... 
since Vicki had hung up on Lyle he was apsolutely hysterical. " OMG"  they are on the freeway and one of them is trapped under the car and I don't know what to do and i don't know where they are, or what to do. he called a friend who tried to calm him down and since that did not work he jumped into his car, being careful to take the four door as it was an emergency and began to drive down to the freeway only 2 miles away! lol! . he looped around twice and all he could see was that the traffic was now backing up and almost at a stand still. AND WE know why!! Now you are asking yourselves, " Where is Johnny Angel ?" J.A. was at home and when Lyle finally landed back at the condo, was able to reassure Lyle that we were all right and that we would be back in time for cocktails! 

What a day we had today! lol!  We did not know what to do   With  all those emergency vehicles on the side of the freeway. then the "hot" patrolman stopped all the traffic on the right hand lane and let us back on the freeway and we were off to get new tires. 
By the time we got home, Lyle and Johnny Angel had eaten all the brownies, drank all the margaritas and eaten all the popcorn!  lol!
love yas 
Be careful out there!

                          Thank you Mr. Hot Highway Patrolman!

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