Saturday, July 6, 2013

Packing up and going back to Arizona

Here it is Saturday and because I had my episodes I have to go back to Arizona a day early!  Oh, it will be good to see family and friends and to go to QT!  We have really missed our peach tea!  Can't wait to have some.  lol!

Here are the pictures I took of my closet projects!
This is the close closet by the front door!
                                                This is the left hand side of the den closet!                            

This is the right hand side of the den closet

Today we had coffee with Mary Lou and I forgot to take her picture.....bummer!  Came home and took a little nap before we met Jerry to go to True Foods Kitchen!  I had my usual chopped chicken salad and it was very good!

We are having a very intense conversation...but everyone is doing okay!  lol!

Vicki is wearing her new zoo jacket...she is always smiling!

Rosine is fine...she had a list of demands and complaints ...I am not sure who she is holding hostage! lol

I have to go now!

Be careful out there!


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