Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandpa Rolf!

Okay, here we are again.  This is day 3 of the diet and I have gone down 3 pounds.....only 13 more days and I will be at my first goal and I may just stay there!  lol!

Had coffee today with Sandi and Irwin.  It was very noisy in Starbucks and we hate the new pastries!, not that we had any!

Today is Grandpa Rolf's birthday.  He turned 72 today and he is a retired Episcopal priest which most of you know!  Rolf spent his birthday with Davin and Amy in North Kansas City!

                                         Happy Birthday to ME!  I am having a great time!

                              You are not going to believe this but the flowers dropped off!  So sad!

My sisters puppies...they all just went to the beauty shop and are beautiful and smell solo pretty!

                                                Amy's cat Sidney is having a nice rest!

                   Davin's cat Ella does not want to be disturbed as she is on line!

                                            I think this is another one of Amy's cats!  lol!

Today I called Rosine and asked her if it was all right if I come to see her tomorrow....will you throw me out when I come through the door?.....Why would I do that ? she said!  Okay!!!! Everything is back to normal!

Now about Anthony Weiner....I just heard about the "peter tweeters"  and if it was not a problem of addiction...I could laugh my head off!

Be careful out there

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