Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally a break in the temperatures!

Today was a nice temperature day , the first in a long time!
It never did actually rain on this side of town but the relief was significant!

Last night when Mark and Tami were here, Mark discovered that the cactus bush that he had cut back was now, in fact, ready to bloom.  What a surprise for all of us!So, we along with the Royals, are on baby alert.  We must check the blooms everyday or we could miss the event!

I do think these flowers will be really pretty! 
So far I only see two blooms!

We had a few plans for today but they went by the wayside.  The plans included going to Costco and then out for dinner.  Neither thing came to pass.  Early in the day when we went to see Rosine there was a problem!  After being ejected from Rosines place, neither of us felt like doing much of anything.  So, we went home and hung out!

So, there goes our weekend!  And it is all over and we are ready to start a new week.  Tomorrow starts with starting Nutrisystem and then going to the EP doctor at 1:30 followed with a hair cut at 3:30,  I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, whatever that means!

Will say goodnight for now!

Be careful out there!


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