Saturday, July 20, 2013

I've been robbed! lol!

Today our day started at..........Starbucks with George, Sally, Irwin and Sandi!
We had a nice visit and solved all the problems of the world!  lol!

After coffee we went to see Rosine....yes, we were very scared!  lol!  We pretended like nothing happened yesterday and Rosine either pretended or forgot what happened !  All went fine...everyone behaved themselves and the visit went well!  She is asleep when we get there....she says it is because they get her up at 6:30....she went to bed at 8:30 last night and she said she went right to sleep!
We left Rosine and went home and had lunch and then at 3:00 we went to Arrowhead Mall.  I am telling you....from the time we left the house until we got home at 8:00 I was so hot I could not believe it.  Vicki was very hot too!  I guess it was the high humidity today but it was not even cool in the mall especially by the food court!

We went to Century Link and changed our service from Cox to them.  Irwin and Sandi went earlier  and they did the same thing!  We will be saving about $600 per year!  That is a good thing!

I have my doctor's appointment on Monday and I am glad as I have been having palpitations almost every night.  Mark thinks that the proceedure will be within a week to 10 days!  It won't be long and I will know!

After the Mall we met the family at Fire Bird for dinner!                            

                  This is J.T. and Mark....J.T. was our waiter when we came here for Aaron's 21st birthday!

                        I am not sure what Joshua is talking about other than the bright flash on my iPhone!  lol

                             And this is Aaron!  lol!  You are messing with your Nana, bad boy!  lol!

Let me see, Tami has been in my closet, my jewelry box , the refrigerator and the Nutrisystem closet!  She really  should come visit more often!  lol!

              Watch her Sandi....Tami will steal you blind!  lol!  Oops, I can't believe I said that!  lol!

Everything is neatly packed and I think she she does not think that I see the 2 boxes of jewelry!  lol!

Yes, we gave her the 2 boxes of jewelry to sort through  and yes, I told her she could borrow a week's worth of Nutrisystem products so she can start on the plan on Monday!

Okay it is time for me to go to bed!

Be careful out there!

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