Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting Ready!

Today the 4 of us, Irwin, Sandi, Vicki and I, went to Paradise Bakery for coffee!
First, Vicki and I picked out a nice booth to sit in!  It was freezing in there and we were seriously thinking we were going to have to sit outside where it was pushing 90 degrees!   Irwin and Sandi arrived and Irwin had the great idea that we should move somewhere where the fans were not blowing on us!  Changing tables is something we do so well and have had lots of practice doing at we did it!  lol!  Why didn't we think of that ....after we are professional table movers....don't ya know?  lol!

                                                                    It is freezing in here!
                                                            I like their sign!

Yum, yum they all look so good....I'll have the peach pecan....make it 2!

Today Fedex came and delivered 2 rather big boxes...containing 28 days of nutrisystem!  Can you believe all the boxes?

On the top shelf are dinners, the second shelf is breakfast drinks and lunches....the third shelf are breakfast treats!  Now, I know, you are she compulsive or what?  Yes, WE both are!  lol!

This drawer in the fridge contains our desserts and a few lunches in the top drawer of the empty fridge!

We did go and see Rosine today....she was sound asleep...she was not moving and Vicki felt her leg, which was very cold!  So, like any good daughter would do....Vicki started beating on her mother's leg to revive her....oop's, i mean to wake her up!  Finally she came to and not seem particularly happy to have been revived!  lol!  After she got her wits  about her, she was in a pretty good mood and was actually were we as we walked out the door!

Be careful out there!

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