Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doctor Day!

Okay!  This is how it stands.....on July 25th I have an appointment with the Electro Physiologist to determine if I am a good candidate for a procedure that will stop my SVT.  It is called an ablution or something like that!  lol!

Went to Starbucks and had coffee with Sally and George before going to the doctors!

Don't take my picture!

This is not a very good picture but it is the best I can do for today!

After the doctors we went to McDonalds and had lunch....we do not look like happy campers!  lol!

Made a quick trip to Costco...stopped  at QT and then went home to drop off our purchases....on toAAA to talk to Barbara about our cruises that we may not go on.....then off to see Rosine!

What can I say?  We arrived at Rosine's place a few minutes before the Hospice nurse.  Vicki and I sat quietly while Marilyn talked to Rosine.  Rosine did a good job of complaining about everything and I think she felt quite good about it!  Marilyn answered all of her was interesting to watch Rosine....several times I shook my head but Rosine did not see me.  lol!  I think we are wearing ourselves out trying to let  Rosine be in control and yes, we know it is not going to get any better! 

be careful out there!

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