Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 3

Well, today was the day of our big adventure.  In my mind I knew exactly where we going!  The only problem with my mind was that it was about 20 years out of date!  Yes, the Starbucks was there, right where the nice man said it would be...I want to slap him...my minds eye did not see what I thought should be there and only God knows where Bird Rock was...and I hope you enjoyed the pictures yesterday because it was gray there  and so was the water!  duh! So, here are the pictures of us having Starbucks overlooking the ocean at Bird Rock, La Jolla CA!  lol!

     Well, here we are at Starbucks at Bird Rock.  I really like Mark and Tami's Starbucks much better                                              
       I don't see the birds, the rocks or the ocean!                                                                        
                 This is a wonderful ocean view....it takes my breath away! Where is that
                                           nice man....I might have to wack him aside the head!  lol!
Here comes Vicki, right across our ocean view......did not know she could walk on water!  lol!                                                                           
I  knew we would see a beautiful ship on the water!  Wow, this is like nothing I have ever seen!  lol!

There is a lot of traffic on the ocean today  This is a very busy place and it was a new adventure for us.....now we can say we have been here and we will know what people are talking about when they talk about the ocean view at Bird Rock!

Now if you look straight ahead you can barely see the ocean!.....Try harder....I think you can do it!  lol!

We just had another adventure...we took a walk , maybe6 blocks and had a bite to eat at Origano's I Italian restaurant!    We ordered a breakfast pizza, eggs, bell peppers and chorizo with truffle french fries!  It was very good and it was the first time we have eaten there.  It is right next door to the ice cream store!

         I am glad you suggested this...I really needed to have something to eat!                    
This is very relaxing....wish we had ordered some wine!  It is fun checking out new places especially when they are so close to the house!  We are really doing a good job!
                    I always forget to take the picture of the food and then I held the camera up too high!  lol

Did I hear you say we are meeting Lou for dinner in 2 hours?  I may just consider having dessert!  lol!
Yes, we ate with Lou and I forgot to take a new picture of him.....please remind me.....I had the phone on the table and it did not even remind me!  We enjoyed talking with Lou and hearing about all of his adventures both past and in the future.  Next week he will be retired 1 year and he just keeps on traveling!  Go Lou!                                                               

Tomorrow we were suppose to meet Rita and Mary, in Las Vegas, at Blueberry Hill for breakfast.....eat up girls!  We will be thinking about you!  We will be at the Original House of Pancakes in San Diego and we will be thinking of you.......as much as we are loving it here....we are missing our wonderful room that we were going to have at Palazzo Hotel!

Rita and Mary in Las Vegas!

You step down into the living room and it is so cool!

We were really looking forward to this room and it is sad we were forced to cancel the reservations.  Maybe we can drop buy there in September on our way back over here!  Yah, what a good idea!  Glad I thought of it!  lol!

Be careful out there!

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