Monday, July 15, 2013

Starbucks bonanza tomorrow!

Another hot day......maybe tomorrow will bring some relief!

Believe it or not....tomorrow is a very special day...yes, you guessed it...Starbucks is having a special event...a bonanza of new treats! lol!  Do you think they are healthier treats?  No, in fact they are not...they are full of butter and cream....and of course a lot of sugar!  lol!

Banana walnut loaf

                                                                   Carrot cake muffin

We will see tomorrow if these are really the new ones....I saw no reduced fat and the old ones were not there!  This will not be a worry for us after this week as net Monday we will be starting Nutrisystem!

Now here is one from you want to keep it?

I can't believe they are going through all those medicare forms from the last 2 years!  Why?

Rosine loves her little is loaded with more than you can imagine!  An observation....Rosine, it looks to me like your glasses are falling off your face!

It is late and this is all I have to say for today....more to follow tomorrow!

Be careful out there!

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