Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spa Day!

Here it is Wednesday and the month is flying by!It is absolutely amazing how fast the time goes....scary!  Let's take a look at the count down...only 21 days until I can get my iPhone 5!

We met Sandi and Irwin for coffee at Starbucks.  We told Sandi we would have coffee with her even though we are having a spa day together!  lol! Now we all will be beautiful!  Right?  lol!

Guess who was at Spa Day?  You are right is Sandi and she just got her hair done and is beautiful!

Vicki had a good spa day...doesn't she look cute!

It is an improvement but it looked better in the bathroom!

I did not have my doctors appointment today but will have it tomorrow.  I  have no expectations for tom tomorrow except to have  my medications changed!
We are under a Haboob warning.  It is the first of the season but will pass to the south of us!

Went to see Rosine today.  Vicki and I don't think she is doing all that well.  She told us that she has lost 20 pounds since June 1st.  We are going to check it out and see if it is that much.  She said that the CNA that gives her a bath, commented on it yesterday!  It appeared, to us, that she was having some problems processing and even talking but since she has lost weight, her teeth are too big.  We are not sure how much of the weight loss is due to the teeth problem and how much is due to the Lasix.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!  Even though Elizabeth has different political beliefs from me, I think she will be a great asset for FOX news.  Elizabeth is a beautiful, intelligent young woman and we should be applauding her accomplishments even though her beliefs are different from ours.... contrary to remarks being made on the internet, she is so much more than a "dumb blond!"  Is it no wonder that women are not able to shatter the glass ceiling...all women should join together in the celebration of  the accomplishments of women as they make their contributions to society and to make life better for all women! 

Nothing much new to report so I am signing off! 

Be careful out there!


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