Monday, July 8, 2013

Soooo hot!

I don't know why but we are not dealing with the heat very well....we still have 3 full months of it and I am not sure that we can physically and mentally handle it!

Went back to coffee this morning Paradise Bakery...George, Sally, Sandi and Irwin were there!  It was good to see everyone.  I was pretty quiet....not totally with it!

When it is this hot, we like to get all of our running done and get into the house and stay there.  First we went to QT and got our tea....then we went to see Rosine...after Rosine it was the post office, the shoe store, Costco where we had lunch and then a final stop at QT! We got home around 2:00....not good.

 Vicki was so hot she almost lost it and I just put the groceries away and fell into the chair.  We both changed into sleeveless dresses and called it quits!  I took a nap and Vicki sorted mail!

We have made new rules for our attitude adjustment....after we see Rosine we will only talk about our visit with her for 10 minutes and then we then need  to go on with our lives.  So far it is working.  I am allowed to report on Rosine in the blog!  lol!  So, I get an extra 10 minutes per day!  lol!  We can also give a short report at coffee.  Oops!  Another 10!  See how it adds up!  lol!   this does not even count the time we are with her....this not talking about her is very very good for our mental health!                      

          Rosine is sorting out her jewelry....oops!  We forgot to bring the bracelets to match the earrings!


                                    She is looking good but is really not a happy camper!

I am going to watch TV and hope tomorrow we can have some fun, do some more laughing and get our attitudes totally adjusted.....maybe we should go to a show after we have our nails done!  lol!

Wednesday will be really busy as we have doctors and a spa day!

Be careful out there!


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