Friday, July 19, 2013

Dull Day!

There is not a whole lot to report for today.  Aside from going to coffee with Sandi and Irwin, we went to Subway for lunch and we had only 1  other event for the day!!

We went to see Rosine today and we promptly got ourselves kicked out!  Yes, we did!  What it boils down to is that Rosine talked to her friend today and we asked her if she had told her that she had been in the hospital.  That is when she started yelling at us and told us if we told her we could never come and see her again and then she yelled at us to get out!  Out the door we flew....what a trip she, we have been at home hiding and hoping no one will find us behind our closed curtains!  lol!

Now, I think that is enough for today.....maybe tomorrow will be better!

Be careful out there!

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