Saturday, July 27, 2013

The procedure went right along as scheduled.  I did not find out until I got there that I was going to have my favorite anesthesia, I thought I was going to be partially awake and I was not happy about that! The doctor was quite pleased....he said he went in, I went right into XVT....he zapped the spot...then he tried to make it happen again and wha-la, I was fixed!  I told him that I had a bad night emotionally and I was sure I could flip it over for him....he wanted to wait until we got in the OR!  lol!When he was finished he came in and told me that there was a 95% chance I was cured.  He was able to do the procedure in record breaking time!. He went out to talk to Vicki and just about scared her because he had not been in there long enough!  lol!  It was long enough for me! lol!

Tomorrow we are having coffee with the family at our favorite Starbucks.  I am going to have a Chai Tea Latte!  It will be free and it will be my first real shot of caffeine since the 4th of July!  What is even better is that it will be free!  We will then go to see Rosine and then head for Yuma.  We will stay at the Casino tomorrow night!

Today is Nancy and Bob's dog's birthday!  He is 6 years old and he is almost human
                                                             What a cute baby!

We went over and sawRosine this morning....she was taking a little is always a shock to her system when we wake her up but it is always right before she goes to lunch so we don't feel guilty.  She was not perky and today she really looked old.  She said that she has already lived too long...she also said that they give her the mini mental status to check for Alzheimers.  This is good....but she did say that Lincolin was president, with a smile on her face1

No blog tomorrow night as we will  be traveling!

Be careful out there!

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