Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two hours at the zoo!

Today we finally made it to the zoo.  Although I will have to say...it is now after 5:00 and the plumber is still around!  What a mess!

So, here we go....today was the perfect day for the zoo but not for taking pictures...it was definitely a June gloom day with the overcast not letting the sun through!

Our goal for today was to go to the zoo, have lunch, look at the flamingos and go to the gift stores!  Mission accomplished!                                                              

                     The perfect day for the zoo, nice and cool  with overcast.
The flamingos were pretty faded out.  I had to add color to the picture and it still looks like s---!

Just a look at the entrance area.  As soon as we got in there we started looking for food...they moved the nachos and we got lost looking for them.  We got lost and ended up at the monkeys and they had no nachos!  lol!

                    This is a picture of my not so favorite thing to do!  It scares me !  lol!

I thought you wanted my shoes to show in the picture!  lol!
Yea!.....I got a new zoo cup and it is really cool....made out of the same stuff as Sandi's Starbucks cup!
      I thought I looked cute until I saw the picture!  lol!  A picture is worth a thousand words! lol!
                                                Now, this is my idea of a real gift store! lol!
                         Just look at this...so many things and so little money!  lol!          
This little jacket you found is just perfect....so light weight...so perfect for air conditioning and days to keep the sun off of you!

It is time for me to wind this up but we have not talked to Rosine, so I will  wait until Vicki makes her phone call!  Vicki just got off the phone from talking to Rosine....or should I say Rosine talking to Vicki!  I think she is totally back to normal and within a few hours will be leading the protests in Egypt!  lol!  You just have to shake your head in amazement!  lol!

So, with the picture of Rosine leading the protest in Egypt in your mind....I will leave you!

Be careful out there



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