Friday, July 12, 2013

It is still too hot!

What can I say?  What am I doing here when I could be in San Diego?  I do think I have lost my mind! Oh!  That's right...we live here....I really was confused when I thought about it....I then remembered that Rosine was here too!  This is what happens when you take a nap in the middle of the afternoon!  lol!

Today we had coffee with Sandi and Irwin.....Irwin talked and talked and talked!  It was so good to see him so relaxed and animated.  We had a really nice coffee hour!

After coffee we went to Walmart and then took everything we are on our way to meet Rita and Mary  for lunch!                                       
                Vicki and Rita are getting ready to have a good lunch!   This is a new Thai Restaurant and it is out first time here.  They have a really great selection of dishes!  We always enjoy meeting with Rita and Mary and playing catch up!

 Rita, Mary and I all have birthdays in August and it just so happens that they are going to be in Las Vegas at the same time that we are going to be there!  On August 1st which is my birthday, we are going to meet the Blueberry Hill for breakfast before we head back to Phoenix.!  OOPs!  We are not heading back to Phoenix until the 2nd.  Now Idon't know which day it is!  lol!  Anyway Mary's birthday is on the 5th and Rita shares her birthday with Bill Clinton!  Yea! 

After lunch we went to visit Rosine. Yesterday all of Rosine's  own rings were very big on her because of her weight loss.  She tried on the ring that Vicki was wearing and it fit just fine.    So, Vicki took some of her own rings over and today she was unable to get them on her fingers.  Yesterday Rosine's face was very thin and her glasses looked very large on her face.  Today she looked better but the reality was that she was retaining fluid.  Vicki checked her ankles and her socks had made deep indentations on her ankles!  We then had a talk with the nurse and she went and checked on Rosine.  We are not convinced that Rosine is doing all that well.  She is having a hard time talking and she says that she can't lift her hand to her face.  Her words sounded a little slurred so I asked her if she was still having a problem with her teeth floating in her mouth....wondering about the fluid retention.  Rosine said that they were not floating as she had them cemented in!  This makes me believe that, in fact, she is having some problems talking.  Yesterday the nurse talked to her and told her that she did not loose 20 pounds, she lost 7.  The nurse told her at least 3 times and we thought that she had gotten it.  Today she told the nurse that she was worried that her cancer was back as she has lost 20 pounds.  Something is going on in her mind and I really don't know what it is.  Vicki and I both thought that maybe she had a stroke!  We will check on her tomorrow and if the fluid is not down we will call hospice!

As I said in the beginning of this post....I took a nap this afternoon so I have nothing to report.  We forgot to check in on Facebook while we were having lunch!  

Be careful out there!



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