Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to the Royal Baby, Prince of Cambridge!

Today is a big day in the British Empire!  The first viewing of the Royal Family with their little Prince!  We sure could use some excitement of a positive note....here in our country!  Maybe this is part of our problem...not enough tradition and sanctity of life!                           

                      The Royal Family following the traditions of their history!

                 Yes, you are not seeing things.....the blossom changed colors right before our very eyes!

 This is a new one!  Mark just cut this cactus back as it was hitting the roof...now I think it might lift the roof off!  lol!

This one looks like it is turning color! 

We had a chocolate muffin for breakfast and it was really good.  This is our lunch...black beans and rice, snap peas, baby carrots,a piece of string cheese and 2 small peppers!  Very healthy!

Our afternoon snack...Vicki had blueberries and I had pineapple and mangos!

                                   Vicki is preparing a salad...yes, plain assorted lettuces!

Hmmm this was not a good choice....mac and cheese, about 1/4 serving and a piece of sandwich bun...oops!  forgot the veggies!  It would have helped the color anyway!

                   This is carrot cake, about 1/8 serving and a yogurt, at least it was the regular size!

Our friends Rita and Mary have these 3 wonderful cats!  Rita and Mary  takes so many interesting pictures of them.  As you can see, they each have a bed on the patio and are quite at home taking up all the good viewing area!  lol!

 They are amazing with their curiosity.  Too bad more people don't have the same gift....maybe they do and don't know how to use it....just sit and watch the cats for awhile!!

Girls!  Don't forget  our date at Blueberry Hill on August 1st!

Rosine is doing fine!  Vicki talked to her on the phone today!

Be careful out there!

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