Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 2, bought a Murphy Bed

This morning we met Mary Lou at Starbucks for coffee!  Unfortunately, for us,  this Starbucks has not changed over to the new bakery and so we had a piece of pumpkin bread.  And then I forgot to take a picture of Mary Lou!  I did get a picture ,last night, of a plant.  It is really pretty!

We are trying to do something to the condo every time we come over here.  We figure that maybe by the time we move back over here we will have it all fixed up!  We weren't going to do anything this trip but we decided to go ahead and order the Murphy Bed!  It will be here about the 15th of September!  This way we won't have anyone sleeping in the living room.  It was really hard to do that because this is a very small apartment!

This will be a good thing and will make it easier for us...simplify, simplify, simplify!

Vicki and I went for a walk up the street to the Jelato place.  We talked to a couple of really nice ladies and had some wonderful ice cream.....wonderfully expensive, it was , it was!  But it is my Birthday week and it is all about me and I can have anything I want....Now, let me think about that!  lol!

Jerry is coming down for cocktails at 4:15.  We will have a good chat and have some wine too!
The ladies that we talked to, told us about a restaurant called The Smokey Goat!  It sounds really good, I think!  lol!

Tomorrow we are going to go to the Starbucks at Bird Rock, La Jolla.  It is suppose to have a very big store with an ocean view!

It will be exciting to see what the area looks like!  This is the beach where I almost drown when I was14.
We will take pictures and tell you all about it tomorrow!

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