Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

                                                  HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!

Happy 4th of July!  We started the day by going to Starbucks.  Surprise surprise!  Today we had a peach muffin for something different and, of course, it was not as good as the pumpkin bread.  This is exactly why I don't like to try new foods when I have a tried and true one that I really really like!

Vicki and I laughed ourselves silly last night about the post about Rosine.  It is a good thing that we are enjoying it and having some good laughs!

We just got home from the Superman movie....I took a nap....too much for me!  So now we are going to the Container Store and get some shelves for the close closet and have dinner in the Valley!


An old friend who now lives in Palm Springs was in town for the weekend and was visiting, it was nice of him to drop down and see us!  David is always a lot fun!

Well, we did it.....we went to the valley, bought the shelves, ate dinner and came home.  Little did I know what I was coming home to...brought the shelves upstairs and promptly proceeded to go into SVT..After about 1 hour of trying to get my heart to slow down...we called 911  and off I went the 6 blocks to the ER!  I had 2 SVT episodes and am home today.  Have a doctors appointment on Wednesday!

Tomorrow I will let you see our closet and even the one in the den!

Update......Rosine is doing wonderfully, oxygen and will be playing polker on Sunday....we are expecting to see a big change in her....I hope she did not get too tired leading the protests in Egypt!  lol

Be careful out there!


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