Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dentist for Vicki

This morning we met the gang at Paradise Bakery.....yes, I had a peach muffin....3 days and counting!
Tomorrow we will be back at Starbucks and we will see how that goes....hopefully there will only be our usual group there!

After we left coffee, we went to see Rosine.  She was busy beautifying herself and getting ready to go to lunch!  She was very happy that Vicki brought her clip on she will feel better about how she looks.  Of course, we volunteered to go on a safari to find her more clip on earrings.  I suggested we go to Africa to search but I don't think she liked that idea very well!  lol!
She is beautiful and all ready to go to lunch!

Vicki is now at the dentist getting a crown.  I have been on my computer since she left.....she will be home within the next 30 minutes!  Well, she is home and does not seem any worse for ware.

I was just standing in the kitchen, looking out the window.....I have 2 hanging baskets of flowers in our little front courtyard.  As I was standing there I saw a bird fly into the basket....I guess there is a nest in there on top of my battery pack!  I took some pictures but am not sure you can see the mommy sitting in there....anyway she was sitting in there until I shook the basket and she shrieked and flew across the courtyard!  lol!e

Come out, come out, wherever you are!  I know you are in there....pooping all over my battery pack!                                  

I know you are in there.....too bad your little head is not poking out!

Who knows how many birds there will be!

I think this is abot all the excitement we can stand for one day!  But, then who knows?

Be careful out there!

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