Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here we go....tomorrow starts another week!  I am not exactly sure what that means but the reality is we go again!  lol!

Today we, as usual, had coffee with Sandi and Irwin.  I don't think we solved any problems of the world and , in fact, we may have created a few more!  lol!

Vicki and I left coffee at 10:00 to go meet "the family,"  at IHOP.  We all were pretty well behaved and it was nice to see everyone!

Joshua is enjoying his new job at United Health Care.  Today he and a friend are going to the movies to see Pacific Rim!

I can't believe my hair looks so does need to be washed so maybe it won't look so bad tomorrow!

      Aaron is also looking for a job at United Health Care.  He is waiting for his security clearance to come back!  Good luck Aaron!                                            
Tami just got her hair cut and see how cute it looks...and she thought she was going to be the only member of the family who did not get their picture with someone!  Ha Ha, Fooled you!  lol!
Now here is the "pair to draw to!"  Aren't they cute?  They look like such happy campers!

I know, you all are waiting to see if we visited Rosine today.  Well, the answer is yes...but I am not sure that it went well.  In fact, it did not go well!All I can say is that she physically seemed good today with no obvious swelling....mentally she was a bit on the hostile poor Vicki.....I think, I will buy her a new car.  She is  being a wonderful daughter......Rosine is beating her up!  She deserves, for me, to buy her a reward!  How much do you think a new car would cost me?  lol!

Okay I am done,

Be careful out there!

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