Sunday, July 7, 2013

We are home!

Got up early this morning and headed off to Arizona.  Of course we stopped at Starbucks on our way out of town!  Like you are probably tired of hearing this ....but you know ...some things never change......tomorrow it will be a different place!  lol!

So, it was only 113 degrees when we got here....what happened to my 68 degrees?  Silly, get use to it I say...I will try but I am not making any I know what a flower feels like when it runs out of water!  lol!

This is the only picture for the day....hotter than hell.....and that is all I can say......where is my zoo?  lol!

I think we are not adjusting well.....what with Rosines near death experience and my trip to the hospital and then the shock of being back in the desert and then 5 minutes after we got home...ring a ding a ding....orders from headquarters and .....we both fell into a heap in the middle of the room.....laughing hysterically.... as we prepared to accept this assignment..... from the boss! lol!  I always thought of the boss as Bruce Springsteen....oh Brucie my Brucie, where is my Brucie?  lol!  I think I have lost it!  lol!

Here is how the assignment went...they have not taken my oxygen for a week, they lost the machine,  bring me my oxygen tester....the lady next door yells all night, either she moves or you will have to move me....bring me all my jewelry, I guess that includes the pink earrings that I permanently borrowed, well I did buy them for her...and oh yes,.bring me my full length mirror so I can see myself!  We had no choice as to whether we would accept the assignment but that did not mean we had to stop laughing or get up off the floor!  lol!

I am going to bed to rest up for the week!  lol!

Be careful out there!


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