Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Starbucks...a bust!

Sorry gang.....no real blog for today!

Went to Starbucks this morning ....they had all new pastries and on top of that a new couple sat at our table!  I did have the Carrot Cake muffin.....did not like it!  Tried a sample of a breakfast sandwich and did not like it!  Tasted the reduced fat Pumpkin loaves, and they are not anything I have to have!  Had a sample of the chocolate covered Croissant,  not something I would buy...too much fat!  This is all good for the diet we are going on.  Sad that Starbucks has changed it's bakery.  So far there is nothing to tempt me!  Yea, yea!  lol!

We did not go to see Rosine today.....it does not sound like she had a very good day.  We will see how she is tomorrow when we go to see her!

Today I was able to change my doctors appointment to Monday at 1:30 so this is a good thing!

One thing about living in the desert....there is always something flowering to make it a beautiful day....and to compensate for all of the high temperatures!  lol!

Desert sunsets are awesome!

But once again...there is nothing like the mountain views , as seen, in Durango CO

Have a wonderful day!
Be careful out there!


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