Saturday, July 13, 2013

I don't believe it!

As far as I am concerned was another O.J. DAY!  I don't believe it!

Went to coffee today at Paradise Bakery.  George, Sally, Irwin and Sandi were there!  Everyone was not happy because I was not my usual self.  I just don't feel that good and I am worried about having another spell!  Also it has only been 2 days since I found out that I am going to have the heart procedure.  So, I am a little nervous about that whole process!  Okay, enough talk about that!

Starting in mid August....Vicki and I will be going on Nutrusystems.  We have done it before and we really liked it.  We need to get control of our lives.  Until then we will be practicing and are in hopes that we will be starting the weight loss contest again on August 2nd.  I have suggested that we all meet at Mark and Tami's and get weighed in on their scales .  Of course, this time we will need a set of rules!  So, we are ready to go....I have gained 11 pounds since January 1st.  We are starting back to Curves on Monday!

Went to see Rosine today, of course!  We still do not think she is doing very well.  They have a seat with handles on it on her toilet...she wanted us to take it off.....we said , no!  She really needs it on there as it has handles on it and she can help herself get up using the handles.  She was mad when we told her "no".....I will do it myself, she said....I can't go poop if my feet are not on the ground, she said!  I did not laugh but it was one of those moments that you really want to laugh!  So, that was our event for the day!

Accomplished nothing today....took a 1 hour nap and we watched a movie called " The Priest"  It was very good!

Be careful out there!

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