Sunday, September 22, 2013

2 more days here and we are back to, hot, hot!

It is too bad that we wasted this beautiful day!  Have not felt well today and it is too bad as we should have walked to the zoo or at least gone down to Sea Port Village or something!
We did go to Starbucks in Mission Valley this morning....had my pumpkin bread but did not feel well!

Talked to my sister this morning and they are leaving their camp site outside of Santa Rosa this morning and are heading for Yuma.  I have not seen my little dog,"Peanut"  for over 5 months.  We are hoping to see them on Wednesday on our way back to Arizona.

Vicki and I have been working on getting our iPhones working .  They are using a lot of white backgrounds with lighter print and this is really not good for me with my vision problems.  I guess if I were totally blind, it would not make a difference!

Between the new phone and the new sewing machine, waiting at home in the box....I think I may loose it! ha?

As I was sitting here I was wondering what I would be doing today if we were really going on this cruise....I think I would be going to  the Farmers Market at the  La Brea Tar Pits!

I am going to go and work on my phone and maybe I will have something interesting to say!  The day is almost gone and sun is sinking in the west.  I will try harder to do better tomorrow!


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