Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bought a surprise!

I have been thinking......I wonder if there is a sewing machine that will allow me to thread it and do the bobbin....I am sure that they all would allow me to do it.....the question is.....can I do it without seeing?

Today we went to the Baby Lock dealer and took a serious look at their machines.  Vicki and Judy have Bernina's and as I told you last week....$4K is way more than I can afford.  Not that Vicki or Judy spent that much but that is what it would cost to get what I want and need to be able to function the way I want to function

So I tried them and they were also to expensive....I went home but left my card with the gal.  If I cannot get one to do what I want then I don't need a new one as the one I have is a work horse.  Well, after getting home Karen called me and guess what?  Yes she has one and it was almost the price I wanted to pay.  So, after Vicki got back from the eye doctors we ate lunch and then we went back to the sewing store!

Now, this is my new machine....not my new body...shame on you!
The ladies, Karen and Elizabeth are really nice ladies.  We had a really good time terrorizing them....and we will continue to do so!  lol!  There is one thing that does bother me....they refer to the machines as way.....I checked them all out....they all had girl names and I looked where I should not have looked and take my word for it...those machines are all girls!  My machine is called Melody....and then there is Molly, Grace  and so on!  I am not even going to take her out of the box until we come back from San Diego.

Now for another adventure we just had.  I had some VHS tapes in a basket, sitting in the living room for the last year.  3 weeks ago we took them to Costco to have them transferred to CD's.  We got them back yesterday and now we are looking through them.  It has been as much as 13 years since we have seen them.  We did look pretty damned good in a couple of them....we were younger and in some, even thinner or fatter or whatever!  Vicki was watching them this afternoon while I was still cutting fabric.  She kept laughing and I kept running into the room to see what was so funny.  Well, this is not nice to say but one time I ran in there...everyone in the video are now dead....why was she laughing?  Oh, they were all having a good time and we were very lucky to have captured that moment in time and it is sad that they are all gone, especially when I don't realize that we have known that many people who have died!

On this positive note, I think I will go and take my shower!


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