Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hair Day!

I met the day with some apprehension, this is the day to face the beauty operator and see what she has to say about my hair.  Actually she did not have much to say...she is not a talker so she was speechless! lol!  I had her put a golden brown on it and it seems to have toned it down quite a bit.  She gets the front too flat for me so after I get finished here I will go and re due it!
It is a much better color but it is too short....I don't like it this short!
Vicki's hair looks so cute and the color is beautiful!

Anyway we got good color and we both got good hair cuts.  So Vicki is much happier than I.  I feel scalped...Hey Rita thought it was short last week....what do you think now?  Hope you are having a good time in Chi-town!

Okay gang....I am out of here....did not sew today.....only ironed and set up my AccuaQuilter so tomorrow I can cut strips!


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