Sunday, September 8, 2013

This is different!

don't have much to say today as we slept in and then went to iHop.  After eating my big breakfast we went home and I continued to cut out fabric.  I am chugging right along.  The house gets cleaned on Wednesday so I need to hurry so she can clean up my mess...which is all over the house....but Vicki is being patient.

Last night I had a big problem.  I went into the bedroom to read on my mini iPad and when I put my headphones into the little broke off and part of them is still in my mini.  This means that tomorrow we will go to Starbucks and then to the Apple Store and see if they can pull out the piece that is still in there and then I will buy a new set of headphones.

I guess that that everyone is anxiously awaiting the presidents talks...especially the one on the 10th.  Now, I am very worried and concerned about this whole problem....but you all know how shallow I am...right now my concern is with the announcement that Apple will be making on the 10th!  I need to know when I am getting my new phone and I need to know the day after tomorrow and it had better be early in the morning!  lol!

Vicki did not go to see Rosine today so we are out of things to report.

I decided to do something different...I am posting some pictures from our travels for you to see.  These are pictures taken on cruises and I had not scanned them into the computer until today!

Here we go...there are only a few!

This picture was taken in April 2010 as we danced our way around Buenos Aries!  I forgot to take my sunglasses off my head.  I just hate how thin we were...but you know how much energy it takes to tango!  It is strange to see Vicki bigger than me and she even has a bigger head!  hmmm, I love it!  lol!

These are our table mates as we cruised through the Panama Canal....left on this cruise January 20, 2009, the day Obama was inaugurated as president!

This was taken in July 2009 when we went to Puerto Vallarta, where we were attending Davin and Amy's wedding!  This was a cruise around the bay...Vicki and Judy and Mark, Tami, Joshua and Aaron were there!

October 2009, Hawaii and believe it , it was hotter than hell!  April and October are suppose to be their best months!

I always love the pictures from Hawaii!

Here we are with our friends from Canada.  We had a lot of fun with them!

This is it for tonight


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