Monday, September 9, 2013

Still cutting fabric!

Up early today.....places to go and people to see!  We started out at Starbucks at 99th and I was very lucky because I had a free drink today.  It was a iced, vente, Chai Soy latte!  It was $5 and I got it for free!  Yea!  Vicki had a tall one and hers was free too!  It was really nice for a change.

After Starbucks we ran to the mall....I was out of breath by the time we got there and Vicki kept a good pace as she drove the car!  lol!  The nice man, Alex with the black hat, had another nice man pull the headphone piece out of my mini iPad!  I bought a new set of headphones and off we went.

Vicki dropped me off at home and then she ran, in the car, over to take her mother to the dentist!  I stayed home and cut, cut, cut!  Another day and I will have it under control.  I can't believe what a wonderful job I have done!  lol!

Avery and Alaina are Vicki's niece's.  They are so cute and as smart as whips!  Alaina asked herr daddy, Mario, if she could take her dog for a ride in grandpa's Bentley....Mario said, absolutely not, he would scratch up the car and the leather and then we would be in big trouble with grandpa!  Alaina has a lot of good ideas......

Okay Mario.....what are you going to do now?  This is one creative little chickie!

Vicki's brother Bob reads the Walsenburg newspaper while son, Mario, entertains his grandmother.  Vicki's off the hook for today!

Now, I know you are dying to know about my progress with all the diets, so here it is!
Weight watchers........0
Sandi's diet...............-1
I really think Sandi's diet is winning!

That is about it for today!


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