Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Rememberance of 9/11!

Today we remember all those who lost their lives and all those who  survived the attack of 9/11.  We also remember back to last year and what happened in Benghazi and the losses we experienced that day!

This flag was raised over ground zero, by 3 fireman, within hours of the attack.   Did you know that the flag is missing?  The officials of New York have displayed a flag that they thought was the one from 9/11.  Now they have discovered that the flag has been missing since the first day it was put up.  No one, knew until recently,  that the flag was not the original flag! The owners of the flag wanted to borrow the flag back for a special occasion.  When the flag was delivered to them they were very dismayed as the flag was twice the size of their original flag.  No one knows who took the original flag but they have been able to determine through a series of photos that the flag was gone and replaced with another one within hours of the flag being raised by the fireman!  How sad....a tragic day, one that has altered our lives as we knew them.  A special thanks to the first responders and all of the people of the United States as they all pulled together to give their love and support to each other!

I had some pictures  that I had taken at Ground Zero but I could not get them into the blog.  We were in New York in October 2002 and were present on the day they did the commemorating ceremony recognizing the fallen fire fighters and policeman who had parishes in 2000 and 2001.  It was a very impressive tribute!

I decided to let you see my is breath taking.  It is amazing what a little rain and intense heat will has done nothing for me, my disposition and my weight or my heighth!

There are those cactus that won't stop growing!

My new solar flower loves sitting in the middle of the rosemary plant!

Just too bad there are no flowers on the hibiscus bush!

The palm and the bougainvillea have both gone crazy too!

Oh yes, there is the front door!  lol!

I am working so hard...cut, cut, cut......sort, sort, sort.  I think I am almost done!

Vicki took her mother over to the dentist to get her teeth.  They did not even fit them on her.  they handed them to her and said good-bye!  We were shocked.  Rosine could have stayed home and Vicki could have run across the street and gotten them for Rosine.  Rosine's caregiver asked her if she had any more clothes....Rosine told her we threw them all away!  Cheese and crackers, got all muddy ....when will it end?  Now she has decided that she wants us to look for long sleeve dresses for her to wear this winter!

Today we went to 99th for Starbucks.  There was a woman there who was from our original Starbucks.  Last winter when I was making the comfort shawls, she asked if she could have one.  She told me that she had back problems and was going to have surgery.  Well she was at Starbucks today and she had her surgery and has been in awful pain.  Juliann spent 31 days in the hospital.  It is really sad to see someone in so much pain.  Please remember her in your prayers.

Well, I cannot think of anything else so I will wind it up.  Our virtual cruise starts the same day that I can go and get my new phone......a week from Friday!  Did I tell you that we are leaving on Sunday for Las Vegas for 3 days and then on to San Diego?  Well we are!


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