Friday, September 13, 2013

Leaving soon!

I have not wrapped my mind around the fact that we are leaving the day after tomorrow.  It does not seem real that we are going and it seems even less real that we will be in Atlanta in 5 weeks.  We both want to go somewhere so bad and now that it is happening, it is hard to believe!

Today about 4:00 I finished cutting fabric.  The only thing left is the "On the Road" quilt that I have been collecting tee shirts to make it!  I will get that ready when we get home.

I will be doing the blog while we are on our trip.  Hopefully I will get some good pictures while we are gone and even make it to the beach on a sunny day.  What a novel idea!  We won't have the good food that my family had while they were in S.D. last week but we will not starve.

Tomorrow we will gather together our clothes and some extra things and pack the suitcase.  Tomorrow I will write the blog on the lap top so I can practice.  I will need to get better at it before we go to Atlanta.

We do different things while in Vegas.  We do not spend all of our time gambling.....we like to go to the outlets....we usually go to a special shoe store....we like to walk around and shop...then we can throw in a little gambling.  I have decided that I am going to win enough money to pay for my sewing machine....let's see how well I do!

Vicki went to see Rosine today but she was asleep....she had a hard time waking up...then she came home and I fell asleep while watching the news.....I had a hard time waking up it Vicki or is it a coincidence?  lol!

Tami was stuck in Denver last night and did not get home until 11:00 last night and had to be back at the airport at 9:30 to go to Armenia for a week.  So, I thought when she comes home she will be able to stay awhile but NO, she has to go back to Colorado Springs for 2 weeks!

Tomorrow we are meeting Josh and Aaron at Famous Dave's for dinner.  That should be fun and a good dinner too!

So, as you can see.....nothing happened today and there is not even a single picture!

Friday the 20th is a big day....they are going to install the Murphy Bed, they are going to fix the refrigerator and the iPhone will be ready for me!  A really big day indeed! Also on the 20th we will be starting on our virtual cruise to the South Pacfic and Asisa.  On the 21st my sister Judy, Olias and all of the dogs are heading back to Yuma!  Safe travels!


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