Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Today is Jerry's birthday....Happy Birthday Jerry!  Thank You for being our friend!  We will see you for dinner!

Met Mary Lou this morning.  We were at Starbucks in Mission Valley and it was rather cool outside.  I guess the "June Gloom"  did not help at all!
As you can see....people don't have jackets on....but it is cool outside!

Mary Lou was feeling her Cheerios today....we were laughing our heads off!....did I tell you that M.L. has Vicki's jacket on?  It is a pretty color on her!

Vicki is laughing her head off too....I am laughing my head off to! but I have to take the pictures!

Well, we had an embarrassing thing happen today!  The repair man came today to fix the fridge...he told us that if it were him that he would just give it a good cleaning!  We told him that we could not get the mold off of the gasgutt ....he told us we had to scrub it rude!  lol!  He actually was very nice and he also told us to unplug it when we are not here!

Today is Jerry's birthday.  Vicki and Jerry have been friends for the past 28 years.  They have had a lot of good times together and been good friends to each other.  I met Jerry 20 years ago.  During those 20 years we have been lots of places and seen a great deal of the world.   It is hard to find good friends and Jerry is one of those unique finds.  He will always be there for matter what!
  We will always be there for him also!
Happy Birthday to Me!

In 1999 we traveled to Tahiti and this was my first cruise.  In 2002 we sailed the Mexican Riviera with Jerry also!  In 2004 we all went to Alaska and Canada!  It was wonderful!

                                    In 2005 Jerry joined us for a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands!

                   In 2005  we joined Jerry and his family to celebrate his mother's 80th birthday!

In 2009 we joined Jerry and 8 of his friends and took a cruise around South America and through the Panama Canal!  Of course when you are on a 30 day trip, you must get your hair cut!

 In 20010 Vicki and I joined Jerry and Alan and cruised the Pacific coast from Canada to San Diego!

In 2012 Jerry joined us on the Ruby Princess where we visited Italy, France, Africa, Portugal and Spain!
                        Happy Birthday Jerry.....we have had many good times with you! Happy sailing!


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