Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Look at our lawn!

In the six years we have lived here this has never happened!  After getting rain for only part of 2days......this is what happened!  Josh, Mark and Tami you would be amazed.  I have never seen anything like it and since you 3 lived here you are not going to believe it either!

Now this looks like normal grass!  Too bad that when it rains in Phoenix it usually does not rain here.  It would be nice to have grass like this all the time!  The tree even has more leaves....I am not going to look in the courtyard....I am afraid that it has turnd into a jungle and who knows what is in a jungle!

Today we were up early as we had to pick up Rosines teeth and take them across the street to the dentist.  Vicki ran upstairs and got the teeth....as she left her mother's room she looked over her shoulder and lo and behold Rosine was putting her lipstick on her toothlessmouth!  She is almost 95...She is a trip!

Then it was off to Starbucks on Reems and Grand.  We are getting to like this Starbucks but we think we like 99th street better.  We did not run into anyone that we knew so we went home for awhile so I could continue cutting fabric!  Shelly called and said we could come in early for our Spa treatment, so we hopped into the car and off we went.  We got hungry while we were being treated and at the end we decided to go home and call Pizza Hut and order lunch.  Shellly told us that they have dessert and that was all we needed to hear.  Boy are the cinnamon sticks and the chocolate sticks good.  Then I went back to cutting and did not finish until 5:00.  I did all my clean up so the house would be ready for the cleaning lady tomorrow and then I sat down to hear Obama's speech.  When I woke up he was fin
ished and it was time for me to eat my wonderfulHealthy Choice dinner....it was solo good!

Today was the day....now I will hopefully have mine in 10  days!

Now I have taken my shower and am ready to watch TV.


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