Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Here we are in San Diego!

We made really good time today!  Arrived here about 3:00 this afternoon!  We made very good time as we made our drink in the hotel room and then got on the Starbucks today!  We will meet   Mary Lou tomorrow at our favorite Starbucks in Mission Valley.  Mission Valley is where the San Diego River is and it is where the water runs out to the sea!  It is a small river but when it rains hard and she gets angry because she is clogged up...she floods the Valley....we are talking about the river and not Mary Lou!  lol!   Years ago the river was much larger.  My mother said that when she was a child the water went clear across the valley.  This would be several miles.  After the water receded it became an agricultural area.  In the late 1950's the first shopping center was built.  Highway 8 runs right  through .   the center of the valley.  The first shopping center is called Mission Valley Center.  

This is about how wide the river is now....after a good rain!

This is the new and improved shopping center!
The second shopping center was built in the early 1970.  It is called
Fashion Valley and is a high end shopping center.  Even the centers are only about 2 miles apart, the both house AMC theaters. 

 Another area in the valley is the area we call, the Costco/ Lowe's shopping is in this area of the valley that we meet Mary Lou for coffee!

Look forward to seeing you all at Starbucks in the morning!


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