Friday, September 6, 2013

You are not going to believe this!

The first thing that you are not going to believed is that we did not go out for coffee this morning!  Since they were coming to check the air-conditioner, we stayed home this morning!  We were old fashioned people.....we ate our muffin and had our drink while watching Good Morning America.  We both love Robin and especially George!

After the air-conditioner was fixed...we did not know it was broken...we went off on our adventure.

This is the second thing you are not going to believe!  We went to Good Will looking for all of Rosines clothes!
Vicki was so happy when she found Rosines jacket.  It was brand new and it only cost $8.  lol!  I thought it was a little expensive....but what do I know!  We are so tired of hearing about her clothes that we threw away!  You all know that we only did what we were told!

I am done...we should have gone to Good Will six weeks ago...I am over it...just give me a cheese-burger with catsup and pickles...that will make me feel better....right?  Also, I agree with hair is too least it is not as red as it was!

That was really fun going to Good Will and now here we are at 5 Guys and we are going to have a nice  lunch.  I hope this lunch doesn't bother your gall bladder

After lunch we went to Walmart and then took the groceries home and then it was right  back into the car, 108 degrees out, over to see Rosine.  Well, we don't need to talk about it but......of course, it was not the jacket that she really wanted....she wanted the one we got her from Costco 20 years ago!  I just knew it would be there....if I ever see it on anyone I am going to rip it off of them and take it right to her and......!  lol!

Sorry but I am done, done, done!  Goodnight!


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