Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last Day in Vegas!

Let me see....I need to tell you what Iforgot to tell you yesterday.  Yesterday we walked about 4 miles and I put $100 in the sewing machine pot.  Vicki put about $50 in her pot too!  Today we walked another 4 miles and I put another $50 in my pot!  So, that is not too bad.

I could not resist taking a picture of these beautiful lights in the hotel....love them!

This is the waterfall across the street at the Wynn Hotel.

This is another part of the above waterfall.  It really is amazing what they are doing here!

This is the Fashion sShowcase mall.  What you are seeing here is the cloud that they built in the front of the mall.  We went to Starbucks and it was there on the right hand side....behind the pillars?

Oh there is nothing like Starbucks pumpkin loaf!

Now, what you are about to see is the new Flagship store for Walgreens.  It is absolutely amazing.  It has sandwiches, fruit, ice cream and, of course alcohol.  the store is huge and has over ten checkout stations.  it has baskets that are on wheels and only God knows what else!

Look at how big it is...and look at those little carts!

Here is the quilt that I made!

This is the purse I bought yesterday

Okay everyone, get your virtual suitcases packed because we board the Amsterdam in Los Angeles on Friday.  Be ready for this wonderful 78 day cruise.  Remember you paid a lot of money for this adventure so let's have a wonderful time!  


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